Recruitment marketing has fallen behind

It's revolution time

Recruitment advertising relies on an outdated pay-per-post model, rather than new pay-for-performance and programmatic approaches.

Employer branding lacks the spark of consumer and B2B marketing. It tends to be creative-led (not results-led), unmeasurable and expensive.

Talent Nexus combine the best of ecommerce and b2b marketing into a service tailored for the real needs of candidates and employers.

Our services for employers

We combine the best of e-commerce, B2B and consumer marketing to create measurable recruitment campaigns that actually work.

Programmatic Candidate Advertising

This is what advertising agencies will look like in the future. We automatically distribute each of your jobs to the most relevant channel, based on data from thousands of similar roles.

This might be a search engine, content site, job board, aggregator or social media site.

As soon as each job receives the target number of applications (or interviews) the advertising is stopped, so there is no wasted spend.

It's like having a media planner and buyer working on every role (but better and cheaper).

Inbound Recruitment Marketing

We're calling time on expensive, creative-led advertising campaigns. Employers need a framework to plan, manage and measure their employer branding efforts: Inbound Recruitment Marketing.

We work in close partnership with recruitment teams to deliver stunning recruitment campaigns. Based around results and KPIs. With leading creative, but not creative-led.

The result is effective, good-value campaigns to increase brand awareness, build candidate pipelines and deliver hires.

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