Content that really works

Talent Nexus create effective and measurable content marketing campaigns that enable businesses like yours to develop reliable candidate pipelines.

Why content marketing?

1.  Improve your direct sourcing capabilities and gain access to hard-to-reach candidates
2.  Reduce your reliance and spend on staffing agencies
3.  Reduce your time to hire with pre-populated talent pools
4.  Gain a competitive recruitment advantage
5.  Grow your candidate database in a fully GDPR-compliant way
If you would like to talk to someone about content marketing and how it can help you achieve your recruitment objectives, email rob.prince@talentnexus.com or call 0207 127 0735.
Take a look at our video portfolio page to see examples of our previous video content marketing projects.


Compelling candidate attraction campaigns

Talent Nexus offer end-to-end campaign creation and delivery.  

We combine specialist industry knowledge with broad recruitment experience to create campaigns that communicate with candidates in an authentic and authoritative way.

Whether you're looking to create whitepapers, videos, podcasts, social media content, live events or something else, we have a team of experts ready to help you create compelling and engaging content.

And, our modular campaign setup means we can easily work across your entire recruitment strategy, or within specific priority areas.


Employer branding and EVP

Whether your employer brand is in its infancy, or you've recently redeveloped your entire EVP, we can work with you to help put your employer brand to work as a candidate attraction tool.

Most employers know that their brand isn't being used to attract new candidates as effectively as it could be, but few have the resource or in-house expertise available to do anything about it.

Our team of experts and extensive experience working within recruitment marketing, we can make sure that you're getting real value from every aspect of your employer brand and employee value proposition (EVP).

"We already have a strong employer brand"

If you're lucky enough to already have an established employer brand, it's our job to work closely with key stakeholders to ensure that you're getting the most possible value from it.

We hear from lots of employers who are frustrated by their employer brand, which they say feels theoretical rather than practical, and by brand guidelines that feel restrictive rather that productive.

Does your employer brand effectively speak to all of your target candidates? Do some aspects appeal more to some candidates than others? How could your marketing be optimised in terms of your employer brand? These are all questions that form the basis of our content marketing work.

We'll help you properly deploy your employer brand in a way that generates clear candidate pipelines and creates demonstrable value.

"We need to re-develop our employer brand"

If you are one of the many employers that hasn't yet invested in a clearly articulated employer brand or EVP, we can help you find your voice in a competitive and crowded employer marketplace.

Many employers spend thousands on redeveloping their employer brand, without ever seeing the positive results to justify the investment.  Often employers are encouraged to invest in design-led campaigns that include new brochures, colour palettes and image guides - without ever stopping to focus on the bits that really matter.

What can you say that your candidates want to hear?  Where are their pain points?  What could convince them to subscribe for more career information?

We'll start by helping you focus on the bits of employer brand that will give you tangible, measurable results and over time we will help you develop a market-leading employer brand that works as a valuable attraction tool. 

To discuss your requirements call: 0207 127 0735 or Contact us