Your Guide to Google for Jobs

Learn everything you need to know to adjust to Google's flagship recruitment technology

Google for Jobs has launched in the UK - stay up to date with our live guide

Everything you need to know about Google's incoming 'Google for Jobs' recruitment platform - whether you're a job board, a recruiter or a staffing firm. We've prepared 2 bespoke overview guides to this new platform:

Guide for EmployersGuide for Job Boards

Google For Jobs brings about the biggest change in digital recruitment in decades

The digital marketing scene for recruitment has remained relatively static for the last ten years or so, but the rollout of Google For Jobs promises to change all that, upsetting the status quo when it comes to SEO, aggregation, and advertising.

Fortunately for the UK, we can benefit from being able to monitor the impact Google for Jobs has on the market as it rolls out in the USA - so that recruitment marketers can be prepared ahead of time.

It's worth bookmarking the one that's most relevant to you as each is updated regularly as we uncover more information. Clicking through to each individual guide also gives you the oppertunity to sign up for email updates.

Our aim is to inform and educate; understanding the way the platform works and it's likely impact should help you to prepare for the coming rollout.

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