Account Executive (Media Buying)

Hannah joined our media buying team less than 12 months ago. She’s previously worked in an entry-level office job since graduating university and was looking add fuel to her career. Since joining she’s impressed everyone with her positivity, willingness to ask questions, and ability to learn fast.

About the role

The team is on an impressive growth streak, and is bursting at the seams with potential. But making that happen depends on continuing to grow our team. So we’re looking to replicate Hannah’s journey.We’re hiring for attitude, values, and raw ability, rather than directly relevant experience (although hey, if you’ve got some, great!). If you’ve not done a role like this before, here’s what it’ll involve:

1. Your role involves various skills: organising a very busy shared email inbox, client and vendor communication, negotiating prices and deals, creating contracts, data analysis, record keeping and reporting. But don’t worry, as long as you’re keen to learn we’re happy to teach you, and continue to support you as you grow.

2. You’ll join a small but perfectly formed team: one experienced-and-senior VP (head of media), and two fairly new-but-sharp Media Buyers (Hannah and Seema). You’ll be the third exec into a fast-growing team, so like with most of our roles there’s heaps of potential to progress in numerous directions.

3. The environment is calm and supportive, but to be honest it is sometimes busy! Things can change quickly, and urgent requests will often come across your desk, but that won’t be at the expense of anyone’s wellbeing, the availability of any support you need, or learning opportunities.

Sound like you? Here’s a little about us.

Talent Nexus have been going since 2015, based in Surbiton but operating with clients globally. Our goal is, and always has always been, to radically improve the level of quality of advertising within recruitment.We’re a team of ambitious, interesting and personable people who enjoy our work. We’re not all the same – in fact, there’s strength in our diversity – but teamwork is the source of our strength.

As an organisation we punch way above our weight, beating our competition who’ve been in the business for 20 years. We love surprising and delighting our clients.And importantly for you, we look after our people. We have regular career planning and development sessions, we actively support you in achieving your goals, we organise regular social events and we’re very open to new ideas. Oh, and one of our Founders brings his dog Baxter to the office (because, hey, we’re a media agency and it’s 2023!).

Ready to apply?

If we could be a good fit for you, we’d love to hear you, and we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Find out more and apply by emailing