How recruitment agencies are responding to coronavirus: 
Results from the Recruitment Pulse Survey

We released this urgent benchmarking survey in response to feedback we’d received from a range of trusted advisors, clients, partners and friends in the industry.

The results confirm with ‘real data’ some of the anecdotal evidence that we’ve all seen. They also raise several interesting questions that will require further though, and they highlight the range of experiences that exist within recruitment currently. We will be continuing to work through the data we’ve collected and will publish further analysis as soon as it is available.

If you would like to find out more about the findings, or would like to be involved with the follow-up survey that we’re planning, please contact

The following report contains results from recruitment agencies. For the results collected from employers, view the separate report here.
Part 1: The impact on recruitment

Q: Which of the following best describes your situation?

Most agencies (84%) are seeing fewer roles.

Q: What would you say are your current highest priorities?

Cost reduction was identified as the current top priority for recruitment agencies.

Q: How have your clients reacted over the last few weeks?

Many clients are currently completely unreachable.
Part 2: Internal measures and changes

Q: Is your organisation furloughing staff?

50% of recruitment agencies have furloughed staff.

Q: Is your organisation making redundancies? 

28% of agencies have made staff redundancies.

Q: Is your organisation redistributing staff internally?

26% have chosen to redistribute their staff to other departments or functions.

Q: Is your organisation implementing temporary pay cuts?

35% of agencies have made temporary cuts to staff salaries.

Q: Is your organisation implementing reductions in hours?

31% of agencies have reduced their staff hours.

Q: Is your organisation considering applying for a government backed business loan?

14% of agencies have applied for a business loan.
Part 3: Suppliers and industry

How have you changed the way you work with third parties?

The majority of agencies haven't changed the way they use job boards, LinkedIn or tech providers.
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