Recruitment Video

Activate your employer brand with video.

At Talent Nexus we want to make video content accessible to the recruitment industry like never before.

For a long time, video has been held back by either being too expensive for the majority of employers, or created internally with amateur-level kit and filmmakers.

We have developed a service that provides employers with top-quality, professional-grade video, at a price level that competes with equivalent DIY video kits and software platforms.

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Design careers at one of the world's best loved coffee brands
Filmed and delivered: Summer 2019
Pharmacy career pathways
Filmed and delivered: Summer 2019

We want to provide content to help better engage with candidates and employees.

Our service has been carefully developed to provide the recruitment industry with impactful and cost-effective video.  

Whether it is commissioning it for the first time or to further develop existing campaigns, we’ll help find the unique employer story and work together to convey it to audiences in an accessible and engaging way. And we’re able to handle the whole project, from ‘concept’ all the way through to ‘distribution’.

Talent Nexus are characterised by the way in which we work with our client partners: our specialist teams comprise friendly and knowledgeable experts, who work ‘hand in glove’ with clients to empower, support and guide them through the creative process. Producing great video content isn’t easy – especially if you’ve never done it before – so we’re here to ensure excellent results.

Our top-quality content is produced by specialist videographers
Our team will work with you to ensure the process is stress and hassle-free
You’ll receive professional-standard content for the price of a DIY video kit
We’re a full-service marketing agency with senior account managers on-hand to provide you with insight, advice and guidance wherever it’s required.