4 Indeed features you might not know about to boost your recruitment

4 Indeed features you might not know about to boost your recruitment

January 13, 2022
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Indeed is the world’s largest job site. Using the site can open up a whole range of extra benefits for recruiters.

But with so many features in the system, it’s easy to miss a tool or feature that could make a big difference to your hiring efforts.

Here are few you might not be using:

Indeed Assessments

Did you know that candidates can complete skills-based assessments directly through Indeed? The free in-built tool can help you screen candidates quickly with some ready-made assessment templates.

Candidates receive an email after they apply to complete the assessment. Then you’ll have a list of better-qualified applications ready to process.

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Multi-location Tool

If you’re hiring for a role based in several locations, Indeed’s multiple locations functions mean that you can show more than one city or region on your job posting.

You can spend budget sponsoring these roles across both locations, helping you find more relevant candidates across both places.

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Indeed + Glassdoor

Through Indeed’s partnership with Glassdoor, recruiters can now easily add another channel to their recruitment marketing mix. In 2020, Indeed began posting jobs to Glassdoor automatically to help increase the reach of job postings, so your jobs may already be there.

But what many people don’t realise is that your Glassdoor profile is a separate account. You can claim your account and add additional details and information to your profile to get more from the site.

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Indeed Apply

Indeed Apply could open up a quicker application process for your candidates. The tool allows you to accept CVs directly through the Indeed site, meaning that candidates don’t need to even leave the site to apply for a job.

You still receive applications data back to your ATS, but the actual application process is completely handled by the Indeed system.

If your current website’s application process is causing problems (for example, if it isn’t optimised for mobile devices, or takes too long to load), this can be a way to ensure you don’t miss out on candidates. With candidate experience being a top priority for recruiters, this feature could make a big difference.

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