Announcing our cutting edge programmatic solution with Broadbean

Announcing our cutting edge programmatic solution with Broadbean

November 11, 2020
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Broadbean and Talent Nexus have teamed up to provide a cutting edge programmatic recruitment solution.

For Broadbean users, this groundbreaking new partnership allows them to get candidates to clients faster, while also saving money and benefiting from greater flexibility.

The future of recruitment advertising is here

In the past, a programmatic approach was reserved for the early adopters. It was something that only a few recruitment agencies were benefiting from.

But now, this new partnership signals the arrival of programmatic advertising into the mainstream.

Aggregators such as Indeed, Adzuna and continue to grow in popularity, offering even more channels for advertising. Big UK job boards are also starting to introduce pay per performance options into their products.

Now is the time for agencies to jump on board and adopt a more effective way of advertising. Through our new integration with Broadbean, it’s never been easier.

A cutting edge solution

Our new combined solution allows recruiters to integrate this approach into their existing technology.

There’s no complicated and time-consuming tech integration. There’s no change to your recruitment processes.

This is a game-changer for recruitment agencies who may have been missing out on the benefits of programmatic advertising.

A better way to advertise

By tapping into Talent Nexus’s network of over 40 pay per performance job boards, you’ll be unlocking opportunities to get better results from some of the places you already advertise, as well as being able to test new channels which could be more effective.

As Europe’s leading programmatic advertising agency for recruitment, we manage over 4 million jobs every year

If you already use Broadbean’s software and would like to find out how to start taking advantage of a programmatic approach, get in touch with our head of partnerships via email at

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