Free Google for Jobs Guide

Free Google for Jobs Guide

January 10, 2019
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Get ready for 2019: Our learnings on Google for Jobs [+ free set up!]

Your Google for Jobs guide is ready for you to download.  

  1.  Get first access to new (free!) candidate traffic
  2.  Protect your employer brand on the world's biggest search engine
  3.  Increase the quality of applicant to your roles.

Click here to download

We're offering you the opportunity to get ahead of your competitors, and reap the potential rewards that Google for Jobs has to offer you in 2019.

At Talent Nexus we've been working closely with Google's launch partners since the very beginning.  Now we're ready to share those learnings, and help you become fully optimised for Google for Jobs ready for 2019.

Our free downloadable guide takes you through everything you need to know to better prepare for the year ahead with Google for Jobs.

And, for a limited time only, we are offering to set you up on Google for Jobs - completely for free!  We'll do all the heavy lifting for you - just say "go".

Google for Jobs is sure to provide you with a valuable new source of candidates, and optimising your listing will ensure that the candidates you receive to your vacancies are relevant and likely to convert into applications.

* Only available in January  & February 2019.  We're offering a risk-free way to trial a professional Google for Jobs service.  We’re also offering clients in Q1 of 2019 the opportunity to receive 6-months of our full reporting and analysis service for free with no ‘tie in’ or cancellation fee. 

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