How an Indeed switch-off could affect your recruitment consultancy

How an Indeed switch-off could affect your recruitment consultancy

February 12, 2020
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At Talent Nexus, we work with recruitment consultancies to help protect their supply of candidates from the loss of traffic sources.

Do you know how much you stand to lose if your recruitment agency lost any one of its traffic sources?

We’ve built a free auditing tool to help you calculate how an Indeed organic switch-off would impact your candidate attraction.

Use this tool to audit your recruitment marketing.

If Indeed switched off the organic traffic your recruitment consultancy receives, you could see a big drop in the number of people who view jobs on your website. This would lead to fewer applications and, ultimately, fewer placements.

Do you know how many of your website visitors you stand to lose if Indeed switch-off free traffic to recruitment consultancies? How can you calculate what the financial loss would be from an Indeed switch-off? What are the financial implications for replacing your Indeed organic traffic with other sources?

It’s really important that you work this out now. It will help you understand the impact it will have on the business. You can use this to support your business case and justify your replacement traffic sources.

Where to start?

You’ll need to look at all your traffic sources and think about how the loss would affect your recruitment marketing strategy as a whole. 

You can work to replace the traffic with another source such as social media, aggregators or your own website. But before you do, you need to work out the value of investing in each of these areas. 

Your first step will be taking a look at your data to find out how much traffic you stand to lose. 

You should be able to access this information on your analytics platform, the data insights section of your recruitment website, or by having a chat with your IT team.

Once you’ve got access to the data, here’s what you’re looking for:

Find out how much free traffic you get from Indeed
Take a look at the number of website sessions that were generated from Indeed organic traffic within the last year.

Work out how much of your total traffic comes from Indeed for free
Find out how many website sessions did you receive in total. Work out the percentage of this was from Indeed organic traffic.

Trace back your placements to their marketing source (if you can)
Not every business will have access to this information. But if you do, you can work out how much placement revenue you get from the candidates you source from Indeed for free.

Remember that not all sources of candidate traffic are created equal
Make sure you consider the quality of applications you typically get from a source. If you’re not generating many placements from Indeed organic traffic, the impact on your business could be much less severe.

Once you’ve worked out the percentage of traffic you receive from Indeed, you can use the information to understand how your business could be affected. 

Find out how exposed your recruitment agency is with our organic traffic audit.

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