How candidate behaviours have already changed in 2021 [survey insights]

How candidate behaviours have already changed in 2021 [survey insights]

March 24, 2021
Industry News

Last year, we shared how candidate behaviours had been changing throughout the pandemic.

Our latest 2021 survey has revealed yet another series of trends in the way candidates are engaging with recruiters. Here’s what we found.

The survey revealed the following trends:

  • Candidates have an expectation for long-term remote working, even once the pandemic is over and the office is able to fully re-open.
  • There was greater interest from candidates around the longer-term security of a role.
  • Recruiters are seeing a higher volume of candidates applying who are underqualified or without enough experience for roles.
  • There is more resistance from passive candidates to change roles, with candidates not prepared to take risks or make big jumps.
  • There appears to currently be significantly more interest in roles in the public sector than usual, as candidates search for greater job security.
  • We heard that there was more interest in the company culture from candidates before applying - they want to see how the organisation supported their staff throughout the pandemic.

‍Here's what some recruiters said:

“Talented candidates seem to be staying put - harder to engage with those in secure roles as the risk of moving in a pandemic isn't appealing to them. We, like everyone else, are experiencing higher volumes of applicants that don't have the experience for the roles on offer.”

“Most candidates now have the expectation of remote working even once the pandemic comes to an end”

"There appears to be more of an acceptance of the Covid situation and people are trying to live life as normal as possible and are resigned to the fact that life must move on, therefore, they are finding ways to overcome the issues around Covid and continue to develop their careers."

See the full results of the latest recruitment pulse survey here →

You can also hear from industry experts about changes and trends in recruitment across 2021 in our latest webinar. It’s available on-demand here →

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