How this recruitment agency improved their Indeed results by 38% [Case Study]

How this recruitment agency improved their Indeed results by 38% [Case Study]

November 9, 2020
Job Board Advertising

In August, our Indeed advertising Health Check helped a UK recruitment agency boost their sponsored results by 38% in just 4 weeks. Here's how:

We identified 4 key issues:

  • All jobs were being treated in the same way –  with the same budgets and rules Harder-to-fill roles weren't getting enough applications, while easy-to-fill roles were getting too many
  • Jobs that had already received plenty of applications were continuing to spend budget 
  • The results of previous campaigns weren’t being used to inform future decisions
  • They were bidding too high for ‘easy’ jobs and slightly too low for ‘difficult’ jobs

While they were still receiving some applications, what was clear was that the account could have been providing much better ROI and generating more valuable placements.

So we suggested these simple improvements:

  • Set a maximum ‘cap’ for applications to keep your spending under control
  • Reallocate the money you save to your lower-performing jobs
  • Divide all your live roles into different ‘campaigns’ so you can give them their own set of rules and budgets (in line with your actual priorities)
  • Allow us to automatically choose the correct bid for each type of job to avoid overpaying for candidates

And here are the results they received in 4 weeks:

  • £543.80 saved on over-performing jobs in a month (that's over £6k a year)
  • 135 extra applications predicted for underperforming, harder to fill jobs
  • 24 hours of advertising management time saved
  • 4 new campaigns with optimised budgets

They’re using their budget more effectively and making more placements – even in those roles which are the most challenging.

And for the first time, they feel confident that their Indeed sponsorship is performing as it should.

Could your recruitment agency be getting similar improvements?

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