How to get your job ad to appear at the top of search results on

How to get your job ad to appear at the top of search results on

March 2, 2023
Job Board Advertising

Did you know that you can upgrade your job ads, to get them to appear at the top of search results pages on

You may have spotted jobs with a pink ‘promoted’ tag, which consistently appear at the top of search results pages.

These jobs have been posted using a ‘featured' job add-on, which can purchased and applied to job credits.

Featured jobs appear as the top two results at the top of search results pages, making jobs more eye catching to candidates.

What are the other benefits of featured jobs?

In additional to appearing at the top of search results pages, featured jobs also include a special branded job page. Recruiters can add a cover/banner image to the top of the job and include a section of images and videos too.

Jobs will also appear on the homepage for relevant candidates too, giving even more visibility.

And for even more exposure, featured jobs will also be emailed to 250 candidates best suited to the role from the candidate database.

When to use a featured job?

You should consider using a featured job posting for:

  • Harder to fill roles - types of jobs or individual roles which you know usually struggle to generate the number of quality applicants you need.
  • Business-critical roles - where the relative cost of giving a job an extra boost is easily justified by the importance of successfully recruiting into that position.

Recruitment agencies specifically might also consider featured jobs when they need to deliver candidates to clients, in order to beat competitor agencies working on the same brief. Getting to the top of search results pages (above competitors) could make all the difference.

Who can use featured jobs on

Featured job credits are available for purchase by both recruitment agencies and employes. There are no restrictions on which advertisers can and can’t use them.

Can I swap premium jobs for featured jobs?

It’s often possible to upgrade a premium posting credit to include the featured jobs add-on. Speak to your media buying team or your account manager at about this.

How much do featured credits on cost?

Like so many other job board advertising products, the price of featured credits does vary depending on the quantity you’re buying, whether it’s part of a longer-term contract and whether it’s being purchased in a package along with other products.

As a starting point however, the Reed website advertises the rate card cost of purchasing a single featured job add-on as £100, on top of the base £150 of a premium advert. So it’s £250 in total.

The best way to find out how much a featured job credit would cost based on your own requirements would be to speak to the Talent Nexus media buying team. They can assist you in requesting and receiving a free no-obligation quote to consider.

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