How we work with Indeed

How we work with Indeed

November 9, 2023
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Here's how we work with Indeed as an advertising agency and founding members of the Indeed Agency Alliance.

As a media buying agency, we help to buy and manage our client’s advertising across a wide range of job boards and hiring platforms. 

And advertising on Indeed is no different. Our expert team already supports hundreds of recruitment teams to make the most of their advertising on the site.

But how exactly does it work? And how do Indeed work with agencies like us, and our clients? Let’s take a look:

Do Indeed work with advertising agencies?

Like many job boards, Indeed is set up to work with advertising agencies as well as directly with clients. 

They have specific teams and resources available for supporting advertising agencies. This is in addition to the direct support that clients receive from Indeed already (and in the case of working with Talent Nexus, they retain full access to the support of their existing Indeed representatives).

Indeed have worked with agencies on behalf of their clients for many years - so it’s nothing new. But more recently, in 2023, Indeed launched a new programme called the Indeed Agency Alliance. The goal of the IAA is to further develop their work with advertising agencies in the UK. Talent Nexus were selected to be one of 13 founding members of the programme.

Through being part of this programme, Talent Nexus work even more closely in partnership with Indeed. This includes engaging with senior leadership and accessing even more support and resources from the teams.

Why do Indeed work with advertising agencies?

Indeed recognises the value that agencies can bring to their work as an advertising platform. When a client works with an agency to buy and manage their advertising on job boards, they have access to an extra layer of support. This helps them make the right decisions and to guide their strategy to get results.

Having this extra support ensures that the clients make the most out of Indeed. They are able to maximise the results they get and take full advantage of their platform, which is a big priority for the job boards.

In the end, it means advertisers are getting value from what they’re buying and will continue to invest in the future.

Do Indeed pay advertising agencies?

Indeed (and other job boards) provide financial incentives to the agencies they work with in the form of commissions and rebates. They provide these financial benefits to incentivise agencies to deliver the benefits/services to clients outlined in the section above.

Are the Indeed products you buy through advertising agencies different?

People sometimes wonder if anything will change when accessing Indeed products via agencies. The Indeed products you buy and access through advertising agencies are exactly the same as what you can buy directly. The advertising performance on the site is the same too.

Have more questions? Feel free to get in touch if you’d like more information.

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