How we’re responding to coronavirus – information about our recruitment initiative

How we’re responding to coronavirus – information about our recruitment initiative

March 20, 2020
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The developing coronavirus situation is continuing to impact all areas of our lives. At Talent Nexus, we’ve been looking for a way we can help.

Yesterday we shared our initial idea for what we can do to support the recruitment of companies at the core of the UK’s coronavirus response.

We wanted to take this opportunity to provide some more information for anyone who might be interested in this programme.


Why we’re doing this

As demand continues to increase for core services across the UK, many organisations need to quickly scale up their workforces in order to continue to provide support to communities.

Our experience in recruitment advertising means we can help organisations who need to do this quickly -helping to get the drivers, shop assistants, carers, nurses, and pharmacists to the places where they’re most needed.


Who is eligible?

We’ve built this initiative to support all of those companies at the heart of the UK’s response to the pandemic. This includes supermarkets, delivery companies, health and social care organisations, pharmacies, or any other organisations on the front line of this situation. Email to find out if your organisation is eligible.


What’s included? 

Organisations who sign up for the initiative will receive:

·     Match-funded recruitment advertising

·     Free setup and integration

·     Ongoing recruitment support and advice from our team of advertising specialists and media buyers

·     We’ll also waive our management fee


If you would like to find out more about accessing the benefits outlined above, email or contact us here

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