Indeed’s new AI-powered Smart Sourcing tool has arrived

Indeed’s new AI-powered Smart Sourcing tool has arrived

April 9, 2024
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Indeed have just launched Smart Sourcing! It’s a new set of features, designed for recruiters to instantly match and connect with quality candidates on the platform.

It was launched on 2nd April, with a range of new tools that take advantage of matching technology and AI.

Smart sourcing replaces the previous Indeed CV product (or Indeed Resume), building on some of the features and subscription options that were already available.

Let’s take a look at what’s new:

So, what exactly is Smart Sourcing?

Smart Sourcing is a new experience within the Indeed platform, for recruitment teams to identify quality candidates from the CV database and match them to roles.

According to Indeed, “Smart Sourcing streamlines the hiring process by matching quality candidates to your job, offering faster candidate connections in one cohesive experience”. 

This new experience brings together some features from the existing Indeed CV product, with new features including matched candidates and AI-assisted outreach. When combined, the features are designed to save recruiters time and help them be more efficient.

Matched candidates

Indeed will automatically serve up lists of candidates which it believes are a fit for a role. 

It does this using information interpreted from the job description to pull out key criteria and skills required for the role. That’s then matched with information about the candidates in the database, gathered from their CV and Indeed profile, to see whether they’re a good fit.

You can then use filters to further refine your matches, before evaluating candidates and creating a shortlist.

Evaluating candidates on the shortlist is made quicker with the new AI summariser. This highlights important skills and information from the candidate's CV in one short summary.

AI-assisted outreach

There are also new AI-powered features to help automate and personalise the outreach to candidates.

Using the information Indeed has been able to interpret from the candidate’s CV and Indeed profile, it can generate an outreach message which is relevant for the candidate and the job they are being invited to apply for. Whether that’s an invitation to make an application or a follow up message.

Indeed believe that these combined features will help save recruiters time and make their outreach more effective.

How is Smart Sourcing different from Indeed CV?

Behind the scenes, the candidates that you may be matched with in Smart Sourcing still come from the same database that Indeed’s CV search product is based on.

What’s changing is the ways that you identify and contact the candidates within this pool.

For Indeed CV, it was all about the recruiter having to search through the database to figure out which search terms would lead to good candidates, and which of those might end up being right. Smart sourcing is much more focused on proactively matching candidates to roles.

It’s worth mentioning that manually searching for candidates in the database will still be supported within the Smart Sourcing product. We all know those recruiters who have mastered the art of boolean search - they will still be able to source CVs in the same way if they want to.

What happens to existing Indeed CV subscriptions?

It depends on which Indeed CV subscription option you’re currently buying, as to what will change and when. 

You will automatically have the new features added to your Indeed platform if you’re on a rolling monthly subscription.

If you’re on an annual subscription and your renewal date hasn’t come around yet, you will be upgraded to Smart Sourcing then instead.

How much does a professional smart sourcing subscription cost?

For professional subscriptions, the price on the next renewal date will increase from £250 per month to £325 per month (or from £2,400 per year to £3,120 per year if you have an annual subscription).

In addition to increases in the subscription cost, there are also new prices for purchasing additional top ups - additional contact purchases will increase from £2.50 to £3.20.

How much does a standard smart sourcing subscription cost?

For standard subscriptions, the price isn’t changing and will remain at £100 per month (or £960 per year if you have an annual subscription).

However the pricing of contacts is going up - additional contact purchases will increase from £2.50 to £4. 

The most significant feature change to be aware of is that standard subscriptions are no longer going to be able to share contacts between users.

Feel free to reach out to our expert recruitment media team at Talent Nexus to find out more about Indeed Smart Sourcing. You can contact us here.

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