The New Nexus: A Place To Call Home

May 8, 2017
Company News

We recently moved in to our new office in Surbiton.


1) a connection linking two or more things
2) a central or focal point

We rebranded as ‘Talent Nexus’ in early 2017 because that’s the role we aspire to fill for our clients within the recruitment landscape.

Within our rapidly growing team, our own nexus is our office in Surbiton (South London).We started our life at Maple Works – a flexible office space run by David Randall.  Maple Works houses a number of digital marketing professionals, several of whom are now valued freelancers working with Talent Nexus.

We were lucky to be in an exciting and welcoming environment full of likeminded people.Now though, our team needs space to grow and we’re very excited to announce that we have moved to our own private office space.  Still 2 minutes from Surbiton station (this time in the opposite direction) we are based on a quiet, leafy road with on-site parking and lots of outdoor space (which Baxter, the office labradoodle, is especially thrilled about).


As a team we really value our diversity, our flexibility and our work-life balance.  We pride ourselves on being full of positivity, creativity, and fresh thinking, so we’re excited to be shaping the new office around these core values.

If you’d like to drop in, find out more about the work we’re doing and meet the team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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