Last Friday the Nexus team ‘downed tools’ and headed in to town for an afternoon cookery session at the School of Wok.

As a team of foodies, wannabe-foodies and sort-of-when-we-fancy-it-foodies, we were all looking forward to some competitive cheffing - fuelled somewhat by an enthusiastic supply of beer and prosecco.

Team ‘Lucy & The Boys’ faced off against ‘Wok n Wollers’, and after a short demonstration from our professional chef, all hands were in action chopping, slicing, grating, tossing and pestle-and-mortaring.

There was a great moment about half way through proceedings, when the chef called across the kitchen “erm… Wok n Wollers… where are all your extra chillies?”.  The team looked sheepishly over to what turned out to be their rather hot red thai curry.

Thomas Talk.jpeg Simon and Lucy Cooking.jpeg Rob and Andrew Cooking.jpeg Winning Team.jpeg

Minor setbacks aside, a couple of hours later both teams had successful prepared for themselves: a huge bowl of red thai curry, a refreshing papaya side salad and a sharing platter of fried dumplings (at least some of which were properly folded).

Congratulations are due to 'Lucy and the Boys' for creating what our chef described as "perhaps the best curry she had ever tasted"!  So, if revolutionary recruitment marketing doesn't go to plan after all, at least we can rely on our thai restaurant taking off...

Curry 2.jpeg Curry 1.jpeg

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