Should recruitment consultants control job advertising spend?

Should recruitment consultants control job advertising spend?

February 12, 2020
Job Board Advertising

At our recent breakfast roundtable event with the folks over at Volcanic, one big question kept coming up…

Who should be making the decisions about how spend is allocated for job advertising?

With many paid advertising channels available to recruitment consultancies, there are some important strategic decisions that need to be made about how to effectively use and manage each of these channels.

The UK recruitment advertising landscape in 2020 includes a whole range of traditional job boards and over 30 pay-per-performance based job boards. There are also other digital marketing channels such as search engine advertising, social media marketing, SEO, Google for Jobs and more.

With so many advertising channels to be testing and monitoring, should a modern recruitment marketer really expected to control all of these?

It’s more than just choosing which ones to use. It’s also about deciding how much budget should be allocated to each job and how to distribute this across different channels.

Should these decisions sit with the consultants themselves instead? Would putting advertising in the hands of consultants lead to effective advertising performance?

Volcanic have put together a survey to find out what you think. Take a moment to share your thoughts here.

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