Stuck in the wrong job board contract? Here's what to do

Stuck in the wrong job board contract? Here's what to do

December 14, 2020
Job Board Advertising

Things have changed. Job board contracts which once seemed right might no longer be meeting your recruitment needs.

Perhaps you’re committed to buying more advertising than you’re currently using. Maybe your business is struggling to keep up payments to suppliers due to financial pressure.

Whatever the reason, if your contract isn’t right for you any more, here’s what you can do about it.

Speak to the job boards

We’ve been hearing examples of job boards going above and beyond to support their clients. 

On our recent webinar about flexible job board advertising, viewers shared examples of how they’ve been able to have open conversations with their job board partners. They were able to make new arrangements to ensure that their contracts started to work better for them.

It’s hard to predict precisely what you’ll be able to get since each job board’s customer service approach is different. 

What would help your business?

If you’re using fewer credits than you’ve purchased, you might want to ask about rolling-over unused credits, exchanging them for a smaller number of higher value inventory options, or negotiating a mid-contract reduction. 

If you are struggling financially, you might wish to explore payment breaks, extended payment terms, or a simple mid-contract reduction in price. 

We’ve helped many of our clients with these conversations this year, so if you would like advice that is specific to your job board contracts, get in touch

Get expert help when renegotiating

Don’t just renew contracts this year without exploring your options - the market is changing rapidly and you need to be aware of these changes before you commit. 

Instead of automatically signing off the same package you’ve always had, use your contract renewal to build in an approach that better meets your needs for the future.

This might mean looking at which job boards you use, or how you use them (many major UK job boards have launched pay-per-performance offerings which can offer a higher degree of flexibility).

Consider these factors when making renewal decisions:

  • Is the agreement flexible enough? Will you be able to respond if things change again in the future? Is it right for the current recruitment market conditions?
  • What has changed about the job board since you last renewed your contract? Is their candidate audience larger or smaller? Are the results you receive trending up or down over the year? Are there new features or advertising options that you could be taking advantage of?
  • What has changed with your own recruitment since you last renewed your contract? Has the volume of roles you’re hiring for changed? Are they different types of roles altogether?
  • How is the wider job board advertising landscape likely to change over the next year?
  • Could you be getting better results advertising on different job sites instead? Is your advertising actually working and helping you make placements?

There’s a lot to think about. The best way to ensure your next contract meets your needs is to get help from the experts before you start negotiating.

Talent Nexus’s expert media buying team can help you every step of the way.

Schedule a call with our media buying team for help negotiating with job boards:

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