Talent Nexus is five years old: an interview with Rob Prince, Client Services Director

Talent Nexus is five years old: an interview with Rob Prince, Client Services Director

February 26, 2020
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We are a whole five years old! 

We sat down with some of the team to talk about how the business has evolved and where they see it going in the future. 

Rob Prince joined the team in 2015 and he’s now the Client Services Director. 

It’s his job to speak with organisations about their goals and challenges and work with them to find effective solutions.

He also works with the team to develop the services that we offer and is regularly out at industry events sharing our insights.

1. How has Talent Nexus changed since you joined?

It has changed a lot!

When I first joined Talent Nexus we were very much in ‘start-up mode’, with just a handful of people delivering our services for the first time. Now, we have a rapidly growing team delivering well-defined services that are properly established and industry-leading.

It’s essentially about focus. In the start-up phase, you tend to take on a huge range of projects, not knowing exactly ‘who we are’. Now, we know exactly where our most valuable expertise is, and we’re really comfortable owning that space.  

There’s also the really obvious thing that’s changed - that’s our workspace. My first day of work was actually in a Pret! We hot-desked at Maple Works for a few years. Now, we have two lovely offices in Surbiton, filled with people and everything we need.

2. What are you most excited about for the future of Talent Nexus?

The opportunity to work with, and continue working with, so many awesome companies. The growth of our team is reflecting what is really significant growth in our client base, and that’s the really exciting bit for me.

We’re now in a position where some of the biggest and best organisations out there are coming to us to talk about recruitment marketing.

This year we’ll be working with some of the largest job boards, employers and recruitment organisations in the country - it’s such an exciting opportunity to do genuinely impactful work in this industry.

3. What’s been your favourite Talent Nexus memory?

The first time we held an industry training workshop (in collaboration with The Recruitment Events Co.) was a big favourite of mine. That was kind of a coming of age moment as it was a big step up from the regular one-to-one meetings we run all the time.

To stand up in front of a room of really respected recruiters, and share the knowledge and insights that we’ve gained delivering service we’ve designed from scratch - that was really affirming, and a lot of fun!  

Jem (Talent Nexus co-founder) and I celebrated the success of that workshop by going to INBOUND in Boston. It was a chance to ‘take stock’ and soak up loads of expertise from a conference centre full of top marketing experts.

That’s definitely one of my fondest memories of the last five years.

4. What do you most love about working at Talent Nexus?

I really love that every individual has a direct impact on the company’s overall performance. Because the agency is built to be very lean and effective, it’s much more noticeable when individuals go above and beyond. If someone is working really hard and performing at a particularly high level, then the whole company gains momentum - good work never goes unrecognised.

We also have a culture of playing to strengths, which I love. It feels like a proper team where everyone is encouraged to be different, whilst working towards a common goal - to do what they do best and speak up if they feel ‘out of position’.

Also, I genuinely like the people I work with, which is nice!  We’re a really friendly bunch. I like working with them because there’s a culture of people genuinely being themselves.

5. What opportunities have you had to develop your career at Talent Nexus?

We recently had a lot of coaching to identify everyone’s strengths and weaknesses which was fantastic. A professional consultant came to work with us and skills-mapped everyone. We’ll definitely be doing more of that in the future.

Over the last five years, my career developed a lot according to the needs of the business. I’ve actually delivered a bunch of client projects, I’ve stepped back to focus on developing the services at a strategic level, and now I focus on growing the business by being out in the market talking to potential new client partners.

I’m really well supported, but there are also those moments where it’s important to have the freedom to just work stuff out for yourself. It’s great to be in an environment where you can take a leap and trust everyone around you to support you as you go.

These five years have been amazing! It’s set to be an incredible few years ahead with our plans for the rapid growth of our team and the services we offer.
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