Talent Nexus is five years old: an interview with Simon Barker, Operations & Delivery Manager

Talent Nexus is five years old: an interview with Simon Barker, Operations & Delivery Manager

March 9, 2020
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Happy birthday to us! We’re five years old!

To celebrate, we had a chat with some of the team to find out how the business has changed and where they think the company is headed in the future.

Simon joined the team in 2017 and he is now our Operations and Delivery Manager. He’s also heading up our development team creating our own advertising platform.

1. How has Talent Nexus changed since you joined?

The company has changed massively!

I joined at the start of 2017 when we were a six-person team. The business was just two years old and we were hot-desking in a shared office space. 

Now, we’ve grown to a team of almost 30 (plus two dogs) with two dedicated offices and we’re still growing! It’s great to be a part of it.

We’ve developed in terms of our services. We’re experts in pay-per-click advertising and market leaders in programmatic advertising.

2. What’s been your favourite Talent Nexus memory? 

Employee wellbeing is a really important part of our company culture. 

One of the ways we do this is by having monthly company social events which are always a bunch of fun! 

We always do something different; we’ve been to cocktail making classes, cooking school, croquet and darts nights (you’re speaking to the reigning champion, FYI) to name just a few!

The socials are massive for morale throughout the whole company. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know people that I don’t work with directly on a day-to-day basis. 

Other than that, my favourite Talent Nexus memory has to be when we had the table tennis table. I still miss it. Although the darts board has helped to fill the void. 

3. What do you most love about working at Talent Nexus?

I love that we have the freedom to work autonomously. We’re trusted to crack on with projects but you know support is always there, so we’re set up to succeed.

The flexible schedule also means, as an early riser, I’ve got the option to get here early to shift my working day ahead a couple of hours. 

Being able to get to the squash courts or down to the gym before the 6pm rush is great!

Lastly, but by no means least, working with a fantastic bunch of people. It really is just a nice place to be.

These five years have been incredible! It’s set to be a fantastic few years ahead with our plans for the rapid growth of our team and the services we offer. 

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