Talent Nexus shortlisted for 'Best Use of Video' at The FIRM Awards for work with Starbucks

Talent Nexus shortlisted for 'Best Use of Video' at The FIRM Awards for work with Starbucks

December 18, 2019
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Talent Nexus have been shortlisted in the 'Best Use of Video' category at the FIRM Awards for our employer video project with Starbucks.

Produced in partnership with the team at Create and Adapt, the video formed part of a larger recruitment campaign to attract candidates to new roles within the Starbucks EMEA design team.

We're extremely excited to have been recognised for this project. We are all incredibly proud of the both the video that was produced, and the recruitment impact it had.

The project

Despite in many ways being a design-led organisation, with a famously recognisable brand, the design team at Starbucks had previously found it challenging to attract leading talent to their design roles. Candidates know the Starbucks brand as a home for great coffee, but sometimes don't consider it as a home for design excellence.

Our challenge was to use video to visually enrich a Starbucks recruitment campaign, to demonstrate the brand's commitment to design and to help them attract more of the best candidates.

We put people at the heart of the video, focusing on the exceptional care and attention to detail the designers put into their work. We wanted to inspire and empower candidates, help them to realise their potential and imagine what their future could look like if they applied to join the team.

The video itself was created using our 'video in a day' format, meaning that we filmed all footage across multiple locations in just one day. We knew that in order to appeal to the campaign's target audience (candidates who would have a keen eye for visuals), that the aesthetic quality and production value needed to be outstanding.

Take a look at the shortlisted video:


We're keeping our fingers crossed for the awards evening on 19th March 2020. Congratulations to all the other finalists who made the shortlist.

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