Team Building. Literally.

September 22, 2017
Company News

Now that we're settled into our new offices, we have started organising our monthly social calendar for the growing team (and terrifyingly we’re already talking about the Christmas party!).

First on the agenda though was my challenge to the office: can we construct as a team the largest Lego Technic model ever produced?

Team shot.jpeg

(Did I mentioned we have t-shirts now?)


Total pieces: 3929

Suitable for: Ages 12-16

Size: 16” high, 28” long and 11” wide

Pizzas required: 8

Time to build: Longer than a single afternoon, it turns out

(... And so it was that an ‘afternoon activity’ turned into a one-afternoon-and-multiple-lunch-breaks saga.)

Totally worth it.  Check out our progress below...

Building 2.jpeg

(Anna taking charge)

Building 1.jpeg

(Thomas getting stuck in)

Finishing Touches .jpeg

(Simon making the finising touches)

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