What actually is organic traffic?

What actually is organic traffic?

February 7, 2020
Job Board Advertising

We’ve been talking a lot about organic traffic recently. Many recruitment consultancies and staffing firms rely on it.‍

If you’re not sure what organic traffic means and why it matters to your recruitment marketing, we’ve got you covered! 

What is organic traffic?

There are two types of traffic you can receive online: organic and paid.

‘Organic traffic’ simply refers to the unpaid traffic you get to your recruitment website.

Basically, it’s free! Organic traffic could include any people who come direct to your website, visitors to your site as a result of appearing in search engines, or any traffic from free listings on job boards and aggregators.

‘Paid traffic’ is any traffic you receive as the result of paid online advertising.

On job boards, traffic generated from sponsored jobs, premium profiles, email sends and other advertising formats all come under this category. If you receive traffic on social media with boosted posts or sponsored activity or buy search engine advertising, that sits firmly in the paid category too.

How much free traffic do agencies receive?

Recruitment agencies across the UK receive varying proportions of organic traffic from across the web. 

Recent changes mean that, increasingly, online advertising is moving to a pay-to-play model. This makes great business sense, why give something away for free when people are willing to pay? 

We’ve heard from agencies who receive over 80% of their total website traffic from a single job board organically. 

So, if that organic source of traffic was switched-off, it could be catastrophic.

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