Benefits of adding programmatic power to your multiposter

Benefits of adding programmatic power to your multiposter

November 12, 2020
Job Board Advertising

You may have heard the news that Broadbean and Talent Nexus have teamed up to offer an integrated programmatic advertising solution.

Integrating programmatic advertising with your multiposter will help accelerate your journey to truly effective advertising. Here's what that means for recruitment agencies.

Scale up or down based on demand

Are you stuck in a job board contract which isn’t meeting your needs? Long contracts with pre-allocated credit allowances don’t allow you to quickly adapt to changes in demand.

By taking a programmatic approach, it’s easy to increase or decrease your budget based on a whole range of factors impacting your recruitment. 

Since you can adjust your spending much more frequently than just once a year, you’ll be better prepared for future changes. You won’t get caught out.

Get candidates to clients faster

For agencies, it’s all about speed. Instead of advertising on 2 job boards for 30 days at a time, it’s so much more effective to advertise on 30 job boards for 2 days. That’s what programmatic does.

This way, you’ll be faster to deliver candidates back to clients. That means more placements, more revenue and a better service which your clients will love.

Ahead of your competitors

As well as speed, agencies can get ahead of competitors by reaching unique candidates from new sources.

Talent Nexus’s advertising network includes over 40 pay per performance job boards, opening up new channels. With these new channels comes the opportunity to get in front of new candidates.

You’ll be able to reach candidates that competing agencies can’t.

Saving money

Now is a terrible time to be wasting money on advertising you don’t need. 

Overspending on jobs is one of the most common ways we see agencies wasting their budgets. Advertising high demand roles can quickly run away with your budget. 

There’s no point in paying to get hundreds of extra applications which you don’t need and will never use. With a programmatic approach, you can automatically set rules and spending caps to make sure you never spend more than you need.

Track to placement

Being able to track to placement is one of the main benefits of our programmatic advertising integration. Broadbean’s reporting allows you to see exactly which source a candidate came from. Jobs advertised via Talent Nexus will be tagged with the source.

This data can then be used to monitor the performance of your campaigns, based on which sources delivered the most placements. All of this information can then be used to inform future decisions and make your advertising even more effective in the future.

No cost to set up

In the past, one of the big barriers holding back recruitment agencies from adopting a programmatic approach was the cost and time required to set up the technology to make it work.

If you were starting completely fresh, you’d need to buy some programmatic advertising management software, integrate it with all your job boards and learn how to use it effectively.

In total, this could end up costing thousands of pounds and draining hours of your time every week.

Thanks to our integration directly into Broadbean, we’ve done all that work for you. Making it free to set up and start using.

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