Do you need a multiposter to do programmatic advertising? - Ask TN

Do you need a multiposter to do programmatic advertising? - Ask TN

December 1, 2020
Job Board Advertising

You've probably heard of software like Broadbean, idibu or LogicMelon. Recruitment agencies use these multiposting tools to distribute their job adverts automatically to different job boards.

They can be pretty useful for recruiters - they cut out the time and effort of manual posting, allowing you to simultaneously post to multiple locations.

But do you need one to be able to benefit from a programmatic advertising approach?

Q: Do you need a multiposter to do programmatic advertising?

The short answer is no. It’s possible to run programmatic advertising campaigns separately to the advertising you run through your multiposter. 

Until we launched our integrations with Broadbean and Idibu in 2020, running separate campaigns was the only option.

However, linking together programmatic advertising and your multiposter has some major benefits:

See all your results in one place

Candidates from all your advertising channels are sent back through your multiposter. So you'll be able to see all of your advertising results together.

Keep your existing workflow

Your recruiters or marketing team can choose which jobs to advertise programmatically within their existing workflow for posting jobs, saving time

Measure quality and quantity

If you use your multiposter to screen and rate candidates, then you will be able to see the quality of candidates from every programmatic source, which is important when you’re starting to trial new channels that may not have well-known brands

Set programmatic rules using data from your ATS

Integrating your multiposter and programmatic partner allows you to create more in-depth rules.

You could create an automatic rule that stops you posting to any performance job board that delivered, for example, less than 20% of candidates that you marked as ‘relevant’.

This list is only scratching the surface - see a full list of benefits here. Now that it’s become so easy to integrate them together, we’d highly recommend it.

Get more information about our multiposter integrations and see how to get started →

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