Here’s why Indeed advertising should be part of your recruitment advertising mix

Here’s why Indeed advertising should be part of your recruitment advertising mix

February 9, 2021
Job Board Advertising

When it comes to job board advertising, there are plenty of choices.

But one option which has become a permanent fixture in many recruitment advertising strategies is Indeed. As the world’s largest job board, a lot of extra value is being unlocked by recruiters currently making use of the site.

Here’s why you should consider trialling some Indeed advertising as part of your marketing strategy:

Indeed are the kings of organic search

Many candidates begin their job search on Google. If you’ve searched for a job recently, you’ll notice that Indeed frequently appear at, or near, the top of the results. That means that it’s often the first place candidates end up looking.

If you’re advertising through Indeed, you’ll be able to get in front of candidates early on in their job search. That can give you a valuable head start.

Dip your toe with a pay for performance approach

The model which Indeed use for much of their advertising is based around the ‘pay for performance’ model. That means you pay only for clicks or applications that your jobs receive.

If you’ve never advertised this way before, trialling some of your budget on Indeed could be a great way to start. There are so many benefits to using this advertising approach, including flexibility and the ability to prioritise hard-to-fill roles.

The largest job board in the world

Indeed has grown over the last 10 years, becoming the largest job board in the world. They receive over 250 million unique users to their site every single month. What does that mean for you as a recruiter?

  • They have so many candidates - With so many people using Indeed every month, there are so many candidates available for you to reach.
  • So much data - You may have already seen Indeed sharing the huge amounts of data they hold about the job market as well as specific sectors and regions. That can all help you with making the right recruitment decisions.
  • A full suite of options to choose from - Pay for performance advertising is just one of many products available to advertisers on the platform. They have a whole catalogue of different options to choose from - including mobile recruitment, featured employer spots and a CV database.

Make it one of your channels

At Talent Nexus, we always recommend that recruiters trial a variety of different channels. We advocate experimenting to find what works best. That’s one of the key principles of our programmatic approach to recruitment advertising - see what gets the best performance.

If you’ve never used Indeed before, it’s worth trialling it as part of your existing mix of advertising channels.

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