Our integration with Idibu: Programmatic advertising directly from your multiposter

Our integration with Idibu: Programmatic advertising directly from your multiposter

December 9, 2020
Product / News

Idibu and Talent Nexus are working together to make more effective job board advertising available to recruiters.

Thanks to our innovative new integration, it's never been easier for users to access programmatic job board advertising.

With a programmatic approach, recruiters can save money and advertise more flexibly.

There’s no complicated and time-consuming tech integration. There’s no change to your recruitment processes. It’s a big step for recruitment agencies who may have been missing out on the benefits of programmatic advertising

One of the most significant benefits is that it allows users to see data from both pay per performance and duration based channels in the same place. Side by side reporting allows you to compare all your advertising together and make better informed decisions.

Pay per performance advertising is continuing to grow in popularity, becoming more widely available through both job aggregators and traditional job boards. A programmatic approach is the easiest and most effective way to manage it.

If you already use idibu’s software and would like to find out how to start taking advantage of a programmatic approach, get in touch with our head of partnerships via email at sophie.bailey@talentnexus.com

Read more about our partnership on idibu’s blog here: idibu & Talent Nexus announce official programmatic advertising integration

Find more resources and information about how idibu and programmatic advertising works together here.

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