Talent Nexus: About the Rebrand

Talent Nexus: About the Rebrand

August 30, 2017
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We are very proud and excited to have recently completed our rebranding to become Talent Nexus – a digital marketing agency working exclusively within the recruitment sector.

During the rebranding our clients and contacts have been quick to ask about the process, so we thought we’d compile answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions in a blog post – and here we go!


Rebranding as Talent Nexus is symbolic of our commitment to specialising exclusively within the recruitment marketplace.

This area of the business has grown exponentially in the last 12 months, and is now at a level that we feel warrants a change to our identity.

The Senior Management Team at Talent Nexus have a combined experience of over 35 years in the recruitment industry, so it feels like a very natural shift for us.


Yes.  Both brands still exist as ‘sister’ companies now. Calibrate will exclusively be looking after e-commerce and B2B clients.

It's absolutely vital to the success of Talent Nexus that we continue to support the work that Calibrate do, as it gives us an invaluable insight into best practice from other industries that we can then augment and apply to the recruitment market. Recruitment marketing is years behind in many areas, so we're committed to using the example set by other industries to set the bar higher.


‘Talent’ refers to our people, our clients and our marketplace.  Importantly, it also recognises our new recruitment focus.

‘Nexus’ is a bit more abstract.  A nexus is a connection linking two or more things, which is exactly the role we aspire to fill for our clients within the recruitment and marketing landscapes.

Talent Nexus, therefore, is the meeting place between our clients, our amazing team and the recruitment marketplace.  It is by connecting these that our clients achieve fantastic recruitment results.


It’s been a really exciting process and we’re thrilled with the results so far.  We’re quick to admit that it took a little longer than expected to get it finished off, but the delays we’ve faced have been the result of some fantastic growth – so we’re not complaining.

Now though we have finished and launched our new website, switched over to our talentnexus.com email addresses and planned a series of valuable content pieces that will be published in the coming months.

In many ways though, our rebranding process is still ongoing, as we’re committed to more than just cosmetic change.  In fact, we recently published the first part of our new Manifesto for Change, which outlines our vision for the future of recruitment marketing.

Our mission at Talent Nexus is to instigate a global step-change in industry best practice by providing pioneering organisations with cutting-edge recruitment marketing services.

Further evidence of our growth is that we have recently moved in to our bigger, branded offices in Surbiton. You can read more about the move here.


If you’d like to talk to someone about our services you can email Jem (Co-Founder) at jem.blake@talentnexus.com.

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