How it works: Idibu programmatic advertising integration

How it works: Idibu programmatic advertising integration

January 14, 2021
Job Board Advertising

We recently shared the news of our brand new integration with Idibu, offering a programmatic solution for recruitment agencies baked in to the workflow that they’re already using! But how does it actually work?

Here's everything you need to know about how our programmatic advertising integration with Idibu works.

Use your Idibu account to access our network

Once we’re set up in your account, you’ll see the option to post to Talent Nexus when you set up a new job. Just look for the TN logo and select the option.

When you post the job, all the details will make their way to us. We’ll then be able to start advertising across our network of pay per performance job boards. 

Everything else works exactly as it usually would. The application process is the same. Recruiters can track and manage candidates in exactly the same way.

Get the guide: How to get started with programmatic advertising if you use idibu

Download here →    •    Free e-book download

Over 40 channels behind the Talent Nexus button

Although you only need to choose one option within Idibu, using it opens the door to advertising on our network of over 40 pay for performance job boards. 

We’ll be able to promote your jobs on a whole range of sites:

  • Adzuna
  • Indeed
  • Joblift
  • Jobg8
  • Jooble
  • Trovit
  • Workcirlce
  • ZipRecruiter

And plenty of others too.

Because we’re managing this advertising programmatically, we’ll be using millions of data points to make sure that your jobs are going to the channels where it will perform best. We use past advertising data to automatically pick which channels will work.

Thanks to the pay for performance model which all of these sites use, you only pay for advertising when it works.

Better data, better decisions

One of the main benefits of our programmatic integration is being able to track back to placement.

Idibu’s reporting allows you to see precisely which source a candidate came from. Jobs advertised via Talent Nexus will be tagged with the source.

The best way to find out how you could make the best use of this new integration is to get in touch. You can either speak to your idibu account manager or request a call with Talent Nexus here:

Schedule a call with our partnerships team

Discover more about our integration and partnership with idibu here →

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