Why you should work with a job board media buying agency

Why you should work with a job board media buying agency

January 29, 2021
Job Board Advertising

Are you 100% sure the advertising deal you’ve signed off is the best it could be? You might be jumping head-first into a contract that’s wrong for your recruitment.

If you’ve been involved in negotiating job board advertising for your organisation, you’ll know how tricky it can be to get it right.

  • Are you paying more than your competitors for the same credits? 
  • Are you spending money to generate applications that don’t convert? 
  • Is the job board you’ve chosen the right place for you to be advertising?
  • Could you be getting more for your money elsewhere?

As a single buyer, it’s impossible to benchmark your contracts against the market. That’s where a media buying agency can ensure you’re getting a good deal:

A complete picture

Media buyers see a more complete picture of what is and isn’t a good deal, since we see different offers all the time.

For a recruitment agency or in-house recruiter negotiating independently, it’s impossible to compare your deal and know whether you’re getting the best on the market. 

It’s like buying a new energy deal for your home - you’d feel more confident that you’re getting the best deal when you use a comparison site because you can see all the options side by side.

You’re probably missing out on loads of extra features

Your current contract is probably only scratching the surface. Job boards have literally hundreds of different advertising products on offer that you could be taking advantage of.

How many of these features are you able to access?

  • Premium advertising credits
  • Showing as a ‘featured’ or ‘spotlight’ job
  • Emails to the job board’s database
  • Push notifications to candidates
  • Pay for performance advertising options
  • Access to CV databases
  • Additional licenses for your recruiters
  • Enhanced company profile

Media buyers know exactly what’s on offer and more importantly - which products actually deliver results.

Support and advice beyond the renewal date

As you know, thinking about your advertising doesn't stop once you've signed off a deal. Monitoring the performance of the advertising over the course of your contract is just as important.

A deal which may have seemed right when you agreed to it, might not be working for you a few months down the line. 

Maybe you have unused credits or the demand for your recruitment has changed. The good news is that media buyers can help then too - even if you renewal date is still months away.

They can advise you on how to make the most of what you've signed up to, as well as helping you negotiate mid-contract adjustments or exchanges to make sure your advertising keeps working for you.

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The service often doesn’t cost you anything

Media buying agencies make money in two ways. Charging the client fees, and benefiting from ‘agency commission’, which is where the media agency keeps a slice of the contract value.

It’s vital that your agency offers complete transparency about how they are making their money. If they are making their money solely from agency commission without sharing how this works, they may be incentivised to encourage you to spend as much money as possible.

Consider all the options

There are literally thousands of different job boards out there. How certain can you be that you’re using the right ones? Different types all have their own pros and cons.

  • Generalist job boards - These are often some of the biggest names in the industry which are often a ‘go-to’ advertising choice for recruiters. For example, reed.co.uk or Totaljobs
  • Specialist job boards - These sites will focus on a particular niche, industry or selling point for the jobs they advertise. For example, findyourflex.co.uk or technojobs
  • Publisher job boards - Usually operating under big-name brands such as newspapers or membership organisations, these job boards show vacancies relevant to a more specific audience. For example, The Guardian Jobs or ACCA Jobs.
  • Aggregator job boards - Acting like search engines for jobs, these sites pull together vacancies from across the internet into one place. For example, Indeed or talent.com
  • App-based job boards - These job boards focus on finding candidates through their app, instead of their website. For example, SonicJobs

Media buyers negotiate across all these different types of contracts and know what works. 

Ready to see what it’s like to have expert media buyers on your side?

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