Recruitment Media Buying

See what it's like to have expert media buyers on your side.

Make the most of advertising on a wide range of job boards.

Our expert media buying team can help you negotiate the best job board advertising to meet your needs.

Get more from your budget
We’ll help you get the most from your advertising, manage relationships with job boards and ensure your contracts are meeting your goals.
Flexibility is waiting for you
Access better contracts with shorter terms and more flexible options. Don't get caught in long commitments that you can't adjust.
Market expertise to get the best deal
Our media buyers know things you don't - what others are paying for their contracts, what options are out there. We can help you better understand your options.
Tap into new opportunities
We can help you access premium advertising products and high-performing inventory. Perfect for hard to fill or specialist roles. We also access specific deals and offers.
Saving you time and effort
Take the effort out of contract renewals. Our media buying team do all the legwork for you.
Better reporting and visibility
Pull all your data from across all your advertising into one dashboard with our ground-breaking reporting.
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“Not only did Talent Nexus help us negotiate significantly better job board contracts, they were also able to use their market expertise to make a number of recommendations, ensuring we are getting the best for our budget."
Sarah Cullen    Resourcing Business Partner
We're trusted to advertise millions of jobs
We use billions of data points from across our job board advertising network to help guide decision making.

This data-driven approach means we're always guided by recruitment results.
4.2 million
jobs advertised per year
Over a billion
data points collected
See what it’s like to have expert
media buyers on your side
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