Recruitment marketers: here’s how to secure the budget you need to replace your organic traffic

Recruitment marketers: here’s how to secure the budget you need to replace your organic traffic

February 12, 2020
Job Board Advertising

Rumours about Indeed switching off free (organic) traffic to recruitment consultancies are flying around. So, it’s important to start a conversation with your leadership team sooner rather than later.

Now’s the time to let them know the risks of relying on just a few sources of traffic. Make sure you show that a change to any of your traffic sources could have serious financial consequences. Especially when it comes to losing an organic traffic source.

This way, you can start to build a solid business case for diversifying your traffic sources.

But it’s not all bad news! It’s important to highlight the positive effects that an organic traffic switch-off could have on your business too.

It’s an opportunity to get ahead of competitors. Tap into sources of traffic that your competition isn’t using yet. This way, you have more chance of being seen by a range of different candidates.

Get more control over your candidate pipeline with paid traffic. Control the flow of job applications. You can switch off a paid advertisement once you’ve received the applications you need. This can reduce the workload created by unneeded applications.

You don’t want to get caught out, so take some time to plan your next steps and put together a business case to sell it internally.

How to write an awesome business case

Here are some key points you’ll want to include when building a business case for diversifying your advertising:


  • Explain why a switch-off of organic traffic is relevant and significant. (Check out our blog: What actually is organic traffic?)
  • Demonstrate why business leaders should be concerned.
  • Use your understanding of your data to explain the financial risk. (See our tips for doing this here)


  • If you’re going to replace the organic traffic with a paid source(s), you’ll need to secure extra budget.


  • Explain the urgency of the situation.
  • Discuss the short and longer-term actions that need to be taken.


  • Explain why you’re recommending these solutions.
  • Analyse the benefits and limitations.


  • Share the positive impact this could all have.
  • Establish how this could lead to growth and development.
  • Explain how you can get ahead of your competitors.

Use the key points to piece together your own business case. We’ve created this template to help get you started.

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